Shipping Procedure

Shipping rules at guarantees 100% delivery on every single purchase that a client places with us. We keep track of your package from the time it is sent until it is delivered. We will inform you within 24 hours to let you know if there are any problems with your delivery. Your new shipment will then be dispatched to your location once again once you obtain a new tracking number. After your purchases have been confirmed, a tracking number will be sent.

Our Shipping Policies

Please be aware that if you have provided an inaccurate or invalid mailing address, we cannot reship your order or provide a refund.

We would verify a person’s identification before processing an order. Instead of on holidays, your purchase will be dispatched from Monday to Friday. We work with reputable delivery companies like FedEx, DHL, USPS, and EMS to ensure that your item is delivered on schedule and without delay.

When we send numerous products as part of an order, the handling and shipping costs are only applied to the first shipment.

Depending on when you submit your pharmaceutical purchase, the shipment time may vary. If there are any delays in getting your item, it may be because of a natural catastrophe or a holdup at customs.

Estimated shipping costs and times

7 to 14 working days

For the shipping type of Normal delivery, we would need a minimum of 14 business days and charge $40 for this shipping carrier to deliver brand-name Tramadol Searl and generic Tramadol Aspadol.

four company days

American shipping

We send generic Tramadol for Express delivery in less than 4 working days. Express delivery is available for a $50 shipping fee (exclusive offer). However, if you plan to acquire more than 180 tablets of generic tramadol, you will be able to get free delivery.

We provide shipping services to all nations on the planet. A projected delivery date will be shown on the purchase confirmation page. You may contact our customer care staff in the event of a delayed shipping or if you get a damaged package.

Every order for medicine is dispatched safely and is fully monitored. Our free re-shipment or refund policy will apply to you if your product is not delivered to your door within 25 business days. With rare exceptions, orders are processed and sent the same day the tracking number is provided.

Ensure that your delivery address is precise so that you may get the medications at your door. There is a potential that the package may go missing during transportation, so be accessible at home to accept the medications or ask someone else to do so in place of you.

Questions and Answers:

What do you mean by shipment that is oversized?

For certain items shipped in the United States, an extra shipping fee could be included with the receipt. These fees will be computed depending on the product’s dimensions and weight. The extra delivery price is assessed based on the total number of prescription medications bought. Please take notice that, should the additional shipping price apply to your purchase, you may find information about the charges on the checkout side and the product description pages.

Which goods will not be included in your shipping upgrades?

A select of our most popular goods are ineligible for discounts due to current demand and market value. Discounts and term coupons will be applied to products that don’t satisfy the conditions. Only a select few things, such as gift card purchases and discount items, are not eligible for free delivery.

Is it feasible for me to place a COD (Cash on Delivery) order?

No, you cannot place an order for goods using COD (Cash on Delivery). As of the now, we don’t provide COD service. However, we promise that we will provide this service in the future.

Offer free shipping, do you?

Naturally, we provide free delivery to all of our customers who have made orders totaling more than a particular sum. In addition to the product sheet, information on free shipping will be available on the checkout side. Before moving on to the payment option, one should choose one of the delivery procedures.

Are your supplies need to be signed?

Yes, a signature is required upon delivery of every one of our product deliveries. The courier will attempt two to three times (excluding weekends and holidays). Never will the transporters deliver a product without obtaining a valid signature.

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